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Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation (“EHDOC”) develops and manages safe, secure, and affordable housing for senior citizens across the United States and Puerto Rico.

EHDOC advocates for the highest quality of life for the seniors of today and tomorrow. EHDOC currently sponsors and manages 58 affordable senior housing communities including three communities under development, comprising over 4,800 apartments in 14 states as well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

EHDOC is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization. In 1978, the National Council of Senior Citizens, the organization that strongly advocated for Medicare, Social Security, and the Older Americans Act, formed a housing management arm known as the National Council of Senior Citizens Housing Management Corporation.

 This organization, which advocated for and developed quality affordable senior housing, evolved into the Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation in 1996.

EHDOC is a national leader and advocate at all levels of government in promoting independent living and life enrichment for seniors.



EHDOC develops and manages safe, secure, and affordable housing for senior citizens across the United States. EHDOC advocates for the highest quality of life for the seniors of today and tomorrow.


EHDOC is committed to the principals of “Aging In-Place”, ensuring opportunities for our seniors to live independently with dignity and self-determination, in communities with their peers.
Residents in EHDOC properties are provided with safe, affordable housing and supportive health and social services.


As a leader for providing quality affordable senior housing, EHDOC is entrusted by the nation’s unions and prominent charitable organizations to create and manage properties where residents can enjoy peace of mind, comfort and security.


Today’s seniors can look forward to a longer life than previous generations.

Yet the blessing of more years for people with limited resources can mean financial hardship, if not total devastation.

The image of affluent retirees living in a luxurious golf community is far from the reality faced by most aging Americans.

Healthcare, medication and daily living expenses are on the rise while future Social Security and Medicare benefits are in jeopardy.

We may not be able to curb spiraling costs, but we can work together to safeguard the most basic need of all – safe, secure and affordable shelter for our seniors.

Management Ethic

EHDOC is distinguished by a reputation for developing and managing quality affordable senior housing communities, which consistently receive high ratings from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and IRS Section 42 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) in management and physical reviews.

Our professional, specially trained on-site Management Teams are committed to EHDOC’s principles and high standards, ensuring that the properties are well-maintained and that the residents’ comfort and safety are always their primary concern.

EHDOC has fully trained staff to develop and manage Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties. Whether managing, refinancing or writing grants, EHDOC manages the full spectrum of affordable senior properties.

Our outstanding Service Coordinators identify and partner with resources in the community to provide supportive services to our residents. Service Coordinators encourage resident interaction, provide needs assessments and educational and wellness programming.

Our properties have less than a 4% turnover rate due to EHDOC’s belief of “Aging In-Place” and commitment to providing supportive services from our Service Coordinators. Less than 2% of these residents end up moving to an Assisted Living Facility or a Nursing Home.

Board of Directors

Our Executive Team


Elderly Housing, Development & Operations Corporation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe, secure and affordable housing for our senior citizen residents.

We created the EHDOC Senior Relief Fund to support and sustain residency and amenities for low income seniors when government subsidies fail.We depende on your generous support.

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