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South Florida Seniors In Line For Affordable Homes

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Reporting Jorge Estevez
MIAMI (CBS4) ― We are seeing how the economy is affecting South Florida seniors looking for housing. With more need and less affordable apartments, the lines are long even days before the application process begins. The lines are forming outside a new building on 5311 Northwest 7th Street in Miami.

“I am 72 years old,” said Leah Luzardo to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez outside the building she hopes to live in by December. Luzardo is one of 150 people who need affordable housing. “We need something that is not too expensive,” said Luzardo.

Dozens of seniors circled CBS4 Reporter Jorge Estevez, thinking he had answers; instead, he had more questions. Why are they waiting outside a building days before developers even start taking applications?

“We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to apply, said Jose Fabregas, Developer for a company called Edhoc. The developer built 149 government subsidized units and there are hundreds of seniors in need. “If we don’t have this, what is going to happen with these people?” asked Fabregas.

As we brought her upstairs for a sneak peak at one of the units, our 72-year-old woman was excited at the opportunity to rent one of the brand new, one-bedroom units ready for low-income seniors. “I love this. I love this,” she said.

The building opens in December. They start taking applications on Tuesday and expect one thousand people. (© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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