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The EHDOC Senior Relief Fund

Elderly Housing, Development and Operations Corporation (EHDOC) is a fully non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe, secure and affordable housing for our senior citizen residents. The EHDOC Senior Relief Fund is a direct and important extension of our vital Mission. Our Mission of service is nationwide and supports our current properties and residents, and our future expansions.

For some time now, our government has experienced periodic gaps in funding support for lower income seniors across America. Rental subsidies are at continued risk. The financial support network that helps low income seniors find and enjoy safe, secure and affordable housing is fragile. EHDOC Senior Relief Fund distributes capital grants to help senior residents pay their monthly rents when government subsidies fail. We raise money so that we can sustain residency and amenities for our seniors. It’s that simple.

How to Give
In order to help the moment when a need is present, the Fund relies on the generous and ongoing support of the extended EHDOC community. Donations can be made by check or credit card at any time throughout the year; they are tax deductible and matched in part by corporate contributions of our service partners.

You can choose a ONE TIME DONATION OR RECURRING GIFT option via PayPal.

You can also send a check payable to “Senior Relief Fund” to our National Headquarters:

Senior Relief Fund
C/O EHDOC1580 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway
Suite 100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33323-2869
Thank you for your donation!

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"EHDOC develops and manages safe, secure, and affordable housing for senior citizens across the United States. EHDOC advocates for the highest quality of life for the seniors of today and tomorrow."

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